Matchmaking Their Mirror: ENFP and INFJ Interactions. Once upon a time, I advised my aunt, “we don’t think I’d actually ever date an ENFP.”

Matchmaking Their Mirror: ENFP and INFJ Interactions. Once upon a time, I advised my aunt, “we don’t think I’d actually ever date an ENFP.”

Though I’d viewed many individuals explaining ENFP-INFJ as a “perfect” pairing it really performedn’t seem like a good fit in my situation. We enjoyed having ENFP family, but the types We knew comprise possibly therefore intensive they made me feel stressed, or more extroverted they wore me personally away, or as well scattered for me to imagine I would personallyn’t in the course of time see annoyed together in a closer relationship (or every one of the over).

Then many years after go right here causeing the statement, we going in fact getting to know certainly one of my personal ENFP associates.

And from now on we’re relationships (doesn’t that sound like exactly the type of happenstance that will take place in a love story?). The guy has a powerful individuality but I’ve done adequate operate beating my social anxiousness that does not scare myself any more (actually, it is fairly exciting). He’s by far the most extroverted people I know but I’ve found it is not a problem for all of us. And he’s maybe not scattered or flaky (which, as it happens, is yet another of those unfair/too generally applied stereotypes moving around Myers-Briggs circles).

Now, i possibly could spend the further 1,000+ statement telling you about wonderful my personal boyfriend was but that’s most likely not that which you visited about this blog post for (whether it was I’m worried you’re probably going to be disappointed). As an alternative, we’re gonna discuss exactly why ENFPs and INFJs bring a credibility in Myers-Briggs sectors for finding alongside very well.

Mirroring Intellectual Functionality

it is perhaps not readily noticeable from just looking in the emails, but ENFP and INFJ type has thoughts that really work in much the same techniques. Even though the kinds only communicate two characters, when you breakdown the event stacks you notice they’re best mirror-images of every some other.

ENFPs and INFJs both lead with Intuition as his or her prominent and best-developed training purpose. Both bring sense just like the co-pilot process they regularly make behavior. Thought is the tertiary purpose, that’s considerably well-developed but nonetheless accessible. And Sensing is the lower features, which they has poor entry to and which regularly turns up under anxiety. Even so they use various forms of every function.


Extroverted intuition is certainly much about examining the outer community and putting the items with each other. In contrast, introverted intuition procedures findings internally. Both features care about locating activities and coming to a deeper recognition, but Ne studies while Ni ruminates. And they keep in touch with both such that normally “clicks” with how the other sort frames the planet. Intuitives best comprise about 30percent associated with the inhabitants and prominent N type (ENFP, ENTP, INFJ, and INTJ) include a straight modest portion, therefore discovering you to definitely get in touch with in doing this try rare and interesting.


And INFJ’s feeling part is concentrated outward — they make behavior established largely on what it will upset others with a pay attention to keeping equilibrium. An ENFP’s feelings is introverted — they determine if a choice traces with their core beliefs with a focus on being genuine. Here is the co-pilot procedure for both types, this means it is the psychological procedure that is actually second-most evolved and this’s necessary for personal increases. FP types usually have unique emotions figured out while FJ sort are far more in-tune together with other people’s feelings. They are able to stabilize each other around quite well whilst helping one another increase.


What part the tertiary work has are right up for discussion. Some teach it doesn’t actually establish until you’re in your 30s

while others state we are able to “skip” creating our very own co-pilot and get a reasonably strong tertiary part (partially since it’s extroverted/introverted the same way as all of our principal procedure, so it seems convenient). Very even though it’s less conveniently available to ENFPs and INFJs as N or F, her T edges can show up plenty according to the specific person. When it does, it is switched inwards for INFJs (with a focus on locating and making use of precise info) and outward for ENFPs (with a focus on coming to effective, rational systems). Put the 2 types along and being a surprisingly effective problem-solving duo (though they’ll also be innovative, off-the-wall, and unusual).

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